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You are a curious little robot who can move forwards as well as being able to only to the right. Find your way to towards and eventually through the portal in each and every level. This is a fun game with a unique mechanism and game play style. Solve all of the 24 levels of the game and declare yourself the puzzle solving master.

The right way is a puzzle game with great graphics and innovative game play. In this game you use the your mouse to set up blockers in each level. Those blocks are used to lead the robot on the right path. The robot can only move forwards until he can only turn right. With this logic in mind, you have to guide him to the blue portal.

There's only one way to play this game and that is the right way.
How To Play

To play this game, you must click and place the yellow and black blocks in such a way that it forces the curious robot to move towards the portal.

Remember, the robot can only move forwards and turn only in the direction facing right.

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