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If you liked the good old real time strategies like Warcraft or Starcraft you will like the RTS game Star Dominion too. Your mission is to mine resources and build defense systems, research new technologies, train units in order to attack enemy bases and capture resources controlled by the enemy.

Star dominion is full fledged browser based RTS game. With a total of 18 missions to complete. A more detailed description can be found inside the game.

Pick your army from either the CoEmpire or the Arnorians and then complete each factions missions in this classic battle strategy game that is inspired by the Command and Conquer gaming series.
How To Play

You will be provided with a short instructional tutorial on how to play this game when you first begin. It is highly reccommended that you follow it. However, you can always click on 'instuctions' on the menu of this free online flash game.

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