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Become factory boss with Crash and build robots to help him accomplish his tasks. Learn about wheels and levers and how to use simple machines to create a successful robot factory.

Crash is looking for a partner to assist him in his endeavor to build robots which will perform your average household tasks. Work with Crash in his robot factory learning all about wheels, levers and how to use simple machines in combination with one another to create a thriving atmosphere in the robot factory.
How To Play

You should be able to pick this game up pretty quickly. The objective is to build a robot for given task.

For each robot that you build, the instructions will appear on screen. Robot parts will appear on the conveyor belt. To uncover more information about any particular robot part you can simply place your mouse over them. To add parts to the robot, simply click and drag the chosen part onto the robot. Press the big green "Enter" button to enter the simulator to test your robot!

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