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Robo Story is a physics-based platform game. A short but happy robot attempts to return back home after an extended wander into deep space. However, unknowingly to the little mechanical fella, the charge of accumulators in his space ship has run out! Basically, the robot doesn't have the means to finish his journey.

Your goal is to help the little robot gather enough accumulators so he can finish his journey back home. Solve the puzzles in each stage by finding the accumulators for the robot.
How To Play

Use "W,A,S,D" to control the robot. In most cases you will have to dodge some traps. Gather all of the batteries in the level for a better overall score. Push the little red robo block to unlock the teleportation tube to advance to the next level.

The very first level in this game explains all that you need to know to play.

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