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As the player, you're given control of the character Gravity Guy. A gravitation-turning robot that's had enough of the gravitation laws enforced on the great citizens of... Whatever city this happens in. You must evade capture whilst concurrently avoiding barriers placed so obtrusively in your path. The game calls for a little strategy, as players must occasionally use items to transfer to clear paths or snare the police officer that is pursuing them. Keep running through degrees until they have either defeated on them, been caught or are knocked off-screen.

Wait, what? Do not stress! You are Gravity Guy, and it is your job to defy physics and the law as you race through the chain of levels in a burst of anarchy. In a future where gravitation laws are strict and the police force tyrannical. Gravity Guy is the only dose of justice.

Story mode is the primary game. Practice mode is helpful for those who are still becoming used to the game. The police officer that is usually pursuing you is preoccupied in this mode, so it is a little less tense. Letting you get used to the commands and abilities that your character has. Never-Ending places you through arbitrary amounts; as it'll keep creating another arbitrary amount until you leave into an alternate way, you are never actually ended in this mode. There is also a multiplayer mode that lets up to four players to quadruple your fun!

It is one that players have totally appreciated up to now. Another oddly addicting game. Gravity Guy has over 30 levels packed with nonstop action that can keep you occupied for long periods of time. It is still an excellent game at heart.

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