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One of the deepest and most advanced flash games ever. Bot arena 2 is also a much improved version in comparison to the original bot arena.

In Bot Arena it is your role to design and build a team of bots which will lead you to victory in the Bot Arena Champion Cup. Every time you win a battle, you will win cash which can be spent on upgrades for your bots for use in larger division battles.

Each bot starts with a basic chassis. Although, as you progress through the game you will gradually unlock more and more comprehensive chassis designs. Next comes the bots armoured plating. The plating the bot will receive can be from a variety of different metals or alloys. The further you get in the game, the more protection you will receive from more technological alloy mixtures. The same concept can be applied to the weaponry your bots will be using.
How To Play

To start, choose a chassis design by click on the "chassis" button and then select a chassis (Green). Click purchase to buy the highlighted chassis.

Now you must buy metal plating for your bot. Click on the "plating" button and then select which kind of plating you require, or what you can afford. Plating is the colour (Blue). Click purchase.

Click on the "components" button to purchase mountable weaponry. Weaponry is of the colour (Red).

To apply the components you have just purchased, select them in your "inventory" and then select the bot which you wish to receive the component. From there, simply click the button "mount item".

Click "start battle" to begin the round!

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