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  • Liquid Measure
  • Electric Connectors
  • Putting Simple Machines to work
  • Silicon Spies
  • Which things use electricity?
  • Light Up Two
  • Lightning And Static
  • Energy and Food
  • Quantum Patrol
  • UDE
  • How Smart Are You?
  • Find The Simple Machine
  • Factory Ball 4
  • Questioneering
  • Different Types of Energy

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In this cool robot game you get to build your very own robot! Their are hundreds of parts to choose from in this one with loads of different options. Let your creative juices flow and construct a super cool robot! This game is really fun to play. What kind of robot do you think you will make?
How To Play

Use the menus at the very top of the screen when playing. Once you've chosen a part to build a robot with, you have to left click it with your mouse to select it. From there you can rotate, flip and re-size the machine part. For further information click the "instructions" tab on the first game menu.

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