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Snow Storm is a logic based driving game. The primary goal is to carefully and strategically clear parking lots that have become overwhelmed with snow using your snowplow!

Sound easy? Think again. There are numerous objects preventing you from effortlessly performing your snow plowing duties. These range from cars to traffic cones and even trees. All of these objects must be accounted for in your snow clearing strategy.

The maximum amount of snow you can pile up in a consecutive line is 4 squares. If the next square beyond the fourth pile has snow behind it you won't be able to move the pile. You can however push entire piles if there is no objects or more snow behind them.

Forethought and careful movement is a prerequisite in this logic based game.
How To Play

To play this game you mainly use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Up: Forward
Down: Back
Left: Rotate left
Right: Rotate right

You will know you have completed the level once you see a red cup button appear in the top right hand corner of the game window. Simply click this icon with your left mouse button to progress onto the next level.

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