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Play the role of architect with the eccentric and renowned Professor Faber. Electric street is an electricity based game where you have to design and construct a row of different buildings that utilizes the latest in energy conservation technology, while maintaining the happiness of the residents living on Electric Avenue.

You will be given a multitude of different buildings to choose from to construct your street. From family homes to apartments, to fun filled arcades and tall office buildings. Each of the buildings will have their very own customizable options panel where you can choose to activate or deactivate it's energy consuming appliances.
How To Play

As well as an informative introduction, you will find an in depth tutorial on how to play at the beginning of this game.

It's relatively straight forward. Click and drag the different buildings on to your street and then click each of the buildings for their list of energy options. Deselect or select the electrical appliances as necessary. Once you're happy with your newly constructed street, hit the "How did I do?" button to see opinions of the residents as well as the overall energy consumption on your street.

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