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  • Mega Mechs Assembling
  • Using Electricity
  • Bridge Builder Two
  • Connect it
  • Tri-Achnid
  • What Is Energy
  • UDE
  • Treasures of Planets
  • Electric Box
  • Overhaul
  • Blobz Guide To Electric Circuits
  • Learning Robot
  • Lightning And Static
  • BrainDrop
  • The Essence of Simple Machines

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Learn all about electric circuits and electric conductors in this wonderful electricity game! Play through each of the levels successfully accomplishing each task to broaden your understanding of how modern engineering works! Challenging and fun, great for children of all ages. Some adults too!
How To Play

To use this game you have to firstly read the instructions given and then act on them accordingly. Clicking through the component selector at the bottom of the game with your mouse by clicking the adjacent arrows. To move a component onto the circuit, drag and drop it by left clicking with your mouse.

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